Hi! Meet Diya Vij...
Mommy's darling With mummy papa Apple of papa's eye
It's lots of fun with dada-dadi The four li'll girls of the family Love nana-nani's pampering...
Today is May 25, 2014. Not too long before I turn ten - and I started writing my blog
Today is Feb 20, 2005. I am seven months and three weeks old. lets see what all I am up to:
  • I am visiting all my family in India and, of course, am getting spoilt no end:

  • Don't give me my baby food; I want it from mama's plate!
  • I can eat carrots and spinach; but dal is a big no!
  • I love ice-cream and cake, and well...anything sweet!
  • When I eat, give me something to keep my hands busy; else, well, I need that spoon!

  • And something is not anything, especially not any toys. Give me real things -actually a phone would be great!
  • Now that you have given it to me, I'll scream if you take it away from me...
  • My learning pad is only mine; no one but mummy can touch it!
  • Don't like any of those squeaky toys; they annoy me no end. Beats me who can ever enjoy those weird noises!
  • I only speak when everyone else is quiet.
  • I am beginning to crawl - what if in the reverse gear!
  • I can already say: "dede dede dada dada".
  • Hey! I only drool when I am focusing...

    Wish list:
  • My own laptop to equal ma and pa (and not feel left out!)
  • To go back to papa!